Saturday, 5 December 2015

Special Friend Card

I have recently got set up with a new heat gun ( from a kit in Lidl) and it is much better than my previous one from Hobbycraft. It has two heat settings which is a bonus. Since I also got some stamps recently from Aldi, I thought I'd try using one of them.

I chose a small flower stamp and chopped the front panel diagonally to add interest. The sentiment was one I made into a stamp myself and I used copper embossing powder on that, putting it onto a plain white banner, then using a pen to add colour to the edge of it.

The flowers were stamped in a slapdash manner for a more random coverage.  This is exaggerated by using a clear embossing powder on it that had a bit of glitter thrown in and this picks out random areas.

It was then mounted onto a brown card stock panel and that was in turn put over another piece of yellow, this time using the Silver Bullet and SCAL to make a scalloped edge. The whole lot was then put onto a scalloped white base.

To finish off, I applied a string of gold beading to top and bottom of the sentiment, using hot glue. This is where my Rapid fine point glue gun excels!

Hard to see here but it is beautifully glittery!  Hope it inspires someone to have a go, it really is a simple card to make.

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