Thursday, 3 December 2015

Stop Press! You CAN now convert STUDIO files to SVG!

I am happy to announce that someone has come up with a way to convert Studio files to SVG format!

It isn't that you never could do it, but Silhouette America took that option away from its Studio software a long time ago and in spite of requests, would not re instate it.  I was not the only one who told them that it was a mistake to do that. The reason for the decision was never made clear, so we could only jump to the conclusion that it was protectionist.

Here follows a message from the creator  of the conversion software   (No, I am not affiliated in any way).

"The online Silhouette Studio to SVG converter is now public :). You may now tell anyone you wish about it. There is also the Silhouette Studio Library File Extractor, and a Desktop Interface to the Online Converter for those who buy Conversion Credits

The free conversions are now 10 per day for Brother FCM, Graphtec GSD and Silhouette Studio files. Conversion Credits are £3.49 for 200, £6.99 for 500, and £10.99 for 1000. Converting 1 file costs 1 Conversion Credit.

Cutter Controller V1.0.20 now supports Provo Crafts Circuits."

So now you can choose to convert your entire library if you so wish!

Ian has other software there too that you may find interesting, so feel free to spread the word by whatever social media you use!

Thanks Ian!


It appears that some people don't approve of being able to translate a file to another type. WHY ON EARTH NOT?  If I design a file and sell it in one format, do I care that it is then put into another one? NO!
Why? Because I know only too well, that it makes no difference what file type it is, as soon as you sell a file there is pretty much nothing you can do to stop anyone from copying it if they are really determined.
Most people however, are not in the business of stealing files and selling them on. Most people are using their own files for their own pleasure and have every right to do so.

Take the instance of someone upgrading their plotter after a few years. Why should they lose all the files they have bought/ made and loved, just because of a format? To me, to try and put this in conditions of use is unfair, unjust and unreasonable. It is worth noting that a contract also has to be reasonable for it to be upheld in a court of law - just because you put it in a contract, there is no guarantee of that.

Silhouette does not even restrict itself to governing what you can do with its own designs, that would be bad enough -  it governs what you can do with your own, made from scratch designs!  I don't think there is a single tube of paint ever sold that places conditions on what you can do with your painting after painting it, to do so would be seen as plain idiotic.

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to bash Silhouette America. True, I don't understand them, in not allowing saving to SVG in the first place, but I liked my Cameo and the Studio software (most of the time anyway) I just out grew it. However, I do think they should be more upfront when selling the machines and Software, about the terms and conditions placed on it. As in, it should be on the outside of the box, and in the advertising. You should be fully informed before you lay out your hard earned cash.

There is too, an element of hypocrisy. Studio can OPEN SVG files (from any source) but once you save it, that's it, studio or nothing. Now how fair is that?

The purpose of this translation software is not to break copyright, it is to allow us to share our own designs with whomever we choose, in the format needed to do so. I have friends with Cameos - it has been known for me to use Studio to open MY designs to convert them to a Studio format for them to use but they can't do the reverse for me. Only now, they can. Well done Ian!


  1. Very well said Sandra!! Ludicrous thinking from a designer!! And Sil America) x

  2. Thank you for this information. I am so going to look into this converter.

  3. Thanks so much for posting this info!!!

  4. Thank you thank you!! I've been trying importing the screenshots into inkscape but most of the time they didn't turn out that well, this worked perfectly!

    1. Molly, you are most welcome. You will be converting everything with ease!

  5. Hi there,

    I tried this but I can only seem to download/save a link to the svg, not the actual svg file. Is there something I am doing wrong?

    Thank you!

  6. I downloaded the desktop to online converter and bought credits also and it still saved the files as internet links.

  7. Becky, it is a while since I had any files to convert. If you look at the top of his page, you will see a contact form. Use that to contact the developer himself and you should get sorted.

  8. You need to right click on the download link then 'Save link as ' or similar. I'm on a Mac but there will be s Windows equivalent.