Friday, 22 January 2016

Flip/Swing Cards

I've noticed that there are companies out there making dies for Flip/ Swing cards. There are various tutorials on using them and more again on people using dies they already have for doing the same thing.

For us plotter users though, there did not seem to be much information around as to how to design one for yourself, with whatever shape you like.
Well, we can't have that, can we?

These cards are, if you take a close look, relatively simple but they do have a few specific things to take care of.  The most important thing is that your cut out shape needs to be symmetrical - at least side to side, for it to work well.

The fold on the left needs to go through the centre of your cut out shape, the other one can be moved around. (Note - this diagram is NOT a finished design!)  You will need to play around with the position of the cut out and work out where you want it to be but generally it is near the left edge of the card.

The other main issue is cutting designer papers to accommodate the folds and the cut out shape. In the video I show the process using the Knockout feature of SCAL4, which makes it so much easier to line up!
WARNING!  If you are using a patterned card base and a lining paper, you need to take account of the fact that plotter users generally cut things face up. If you are doing that, your lining may need to be reversed in the software or cut upside down, one or the other. For example, even if using a circle, if you don't have it positioned in the centre vertically, your paper may not fit the right way up!


 So have fun with these, they can be very effective. This is one that I forgot to centre the cut out on.
Looks ok like this..

But not quite right when closed...:)


  1. Thanks, very good video with lots of features to use.

  2. You're welcome! SCAL has come on a long, long way in the last year!