Friday, 29 January 2016

Make an Elevated Pop Up Card

It seems that February for me, is full of Birthdays! I think I have more in this one month than any other. So, it is a challenge to find a card type that I didn't send out last year, something with a surprise to it.
This time, I have gone for different types of card for each person, one of them is getting an Elevated Pop Up card. These cards have a platform inside, that holds all the pop ups, while the card base folds
out completely flat when opened. Neat hmm?

  Now the card base may look simple in construction, as indeed it is - but there are pitfalls when making for the first time. I have made a Video to explain some of them - and two more before that, dealing with the designing of the base file and image types you may want to use for the inside.

This card is finished off with only some simple cut outs, sentiment, a few gold stars and some gold foam (helps to weigh the ends down!) but you can make it as complicated as you wish.

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