Monday, 18 January 2016

Product mentions - not sponsored!

Phew! It has been a busy time, family over for Christmas and a friend over shortly after!

So it has been quiet on here even though I have been crafting, I've not had chance to post.

My Christmas list was, as usual, full of craft items - hey if I don't give out ideas, I may get odd things like clothing or something!

I now have a completed set of markers, which is absolutely fabulous and more of my polymer stamp making liquid..

A couple of other things I got, a set of Pearl Ex pigment powders from Jacquard and some Pilot Parallel pens for calligraphy.

The powders are pearlised pigments in a very fine powder form. They can be mixed into any liquid medium or brushed dry onto something damp. They do not contain a binder, so you add that yourself.

I think they are great fun, beautiful colours and create interesting effects. Great for those who want to add some colour and shine.

In the video I also show you a little gizmo I found, just right for stamp cleaning.

Now, the Parallel pens, also in the video, have a bit of an issue, in that the ink feathers badly. I have written to the company to ask for assistance, I shall wait to see how they reply.

UPDATE - The reply from the company said that it is partly due to the amount of ink the pens put down and partly the paper. Although they could not recommend any in particular, they suggested using watercolour paper for its absorbency.

Here are some recent cards.

This heart one is my version of a Jennifer McGuire card, she really is a great talent!

The lady getting this one, loves owls. We found some owl pegs and I have added magnets to them too! The card is a designer one that is normally hard to find a use for but it suits this beautifully.

A simple mat of the tag provides just the right amount of focus.

Simple, effective and quick, made from scraps, cards suitable for men!

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