Sunday, 14 February 2016

3 Layer Flip card - Free File - SVG format

I have made a card here that is often done with metal dies. It isn't hard to put together but there are a lot of bits.

 The base is actually made of a patterned card, folded so that the pattern is INSIDE. This is because the front panel with all the flips is cut from a patterned card the same size as the front, so the base is not seen. You may want to make another plain panel for the inside.

Once you decide which pieces to use, (there are a couple of design options in the file), make the front panel first, working from the front to back. I changed my mind a couple of times on the front design, in the end I put glue in the flower and filled it with glitter but you could use glitter paper behind the cut out, either way will work. Or leave out the glitter, up to you!

The middle panel has a blank backing, for adding a sentiment of your choice or stamped image.

The back panel has a decorative cut out, backed with a metallic card, that adds a bit of wow factor.

The white frames are optional but they do add a nice touch. The ribbon is wrapped around the inside of the card  and just tied in a bow on the front.

TIP - I have found that acrylic art varnish in a tiny precision tip bottle is excellent for glueing decorative items in place. I suspect it may be similar to the Tim Holtz multi matt medium that a lot of card makers use, except mine is not matt! This container cost around €6 for 100ml and should last a long time. The bottle comes from a 'Vape' shop - the only use I have for such places! At under €1 it is a great and cheap alternative to expensive ones from craft stores.

Back panel - pretty enough on it's own!

I actually intended to put a small version of this on the front, I cut it out in vinyl the size of a postage stamp. The Silver Bullet cut it out easily enough, but it was so small I couldn't see what bits to weed out! Lol, the joys of crafting in bad light...
Here is the file  Grab it fast, I don't keep them in Dropbox for long!
I saved it to SVG at 90 dpi. Check the sizing before cutting. My card was 10.5cm square.

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