Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Concepts App for iPads Revisited.

I have had this app for a while, and while I am not expert at it, I can certainly use it more easily now.
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Part of this is down to me, part is improvements in the App functionality. There were glitches that really bugged me but most of those have now been resolved, especially with the latest Beta that I am testing.

Having managed to break my old iPad mini before Christmas and getting the V4 of it, there were some issues but those are now resolved.

So, my revised opinion of the app is that it is probably the most versatile drawing app for the iPad that you will use. Get the Pro version, as I did ( it isn't expensive for goodness sake) and it unlocks many more features that you expect from a high end art package.

If you are capable of drawing on a tablet at all, this app gives you the opportunity to edit any or all strokes after you have made them, meaning that you do less erasing and more drawing. A line not in the right place? Just move it. Want it thicker? Make it so. Want it smoothed? Smooth it. Not a problem. All strokes are fully editable.

Concepts accepts the use of many stylus happily, just pair it up and off you go. Pressure sensitivity is built in. The personal preferences has a range of options that should satisfy most users.

Your favourite tools are kept nice and neat on the side, there is even a Copic Colour Wheel, so if you need to use those colours they are at your finger tips.

Choose from different drawing tools and vary how they look, width, transparency, etc. Layers can be automatic or manual. The selection tool can be used like a lasso or you can tap and hold (the length of hold can be adjusted).

There is a specialist mode - Precision mode - more suited to specific design work such as architecture or room plans, that type of thing. As well as having measuring capabilities, it has true shapes for you to use, not something I am into but there are many who would find it invaluable.

As well as doing your own drawing, you can import images to work on and you can also export whatever you draw. Many modes to export in, such as SVG, PNG, DXF, JPEG and more.

For those designing for cutting machines, it is worth noting that saving to SVG saves your images as a series of thin lines or shapes, the line is drawn down the middle of whatever line you draw, no matter how thick it is, not the exterior edges of it.  So if you want to make it into a cut file, unless it is plain solid shapes, export it as a PNG or JPEG to trace in your cutter software.
The beauty of tracing anything from Concepts, is that because it draws as a Vector, tracing is usually pretty easy and clean and the images are easily resized to suit your needs.

One of the uses for this app is writing in your own hand to use in other applications. This is great if you have a stylus, your own sentiments for cards, in your own writing, to cut on your plotter...

I use Concepts to make images, trace them with SCAL and then cut them out for templates to make Polymer stamps. Doubt if many others have done that yet but I am sure there are many varied uses for it! It's easy compared with tracing a hand drawing - the lines can be true solid colour making them far better for tracing. I can even make them all the same width once the drawing is completed or make some thinner than others.

So my verdict is 'Well Done'  Concept team. A truly decent drawing app for a reasonable price, with the kind of features designers are used to paying a LOT more for.  No tying in to subscriptions, no hundreds of pounds to buy, and a team that takes the trouble to sort out problems and listen to feed back. Keep it up guys (and girls!).

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