Monday, 8 February 2016

Molotow Masking Pens - Update - not suitable!


I think I mentioned here somewhere that I had bought a couple of Molotow masking pens. I'm used to using masking fluid but it is a bit of a pain to apply, so thought the pen option may be better.
When I got them, I tried one out, just a couple of lines on paper and thought, yep, they work, fine.

However, the other day I was doing some stamping and wanted to watercolour around it. I used a pen and it was disastrous. The blue stained, I couldn't get it to draw smoothly and when I did try to remove it, it took the paper with it.

This wasn't just on one piece either, I tried card and two sorts of watercolour. None were successful.

I tried taking the fluid out of the pen and using it normally, that sort of worked, I replaced the fluid in the pen with another brand, that didn't work.

On contacting the manufacturer, I got this reply.

Thank you for the fast answer and the pictures, this is very helpful. Yes, generally masking liquid is not a new producct on the market so we are sure you were able o get experience with it in the past. How ever the mixcure or the masking liquid we are offering is adjusted to the use / applycation with a marker. 

This of course makes it much easyer to use, carry and store. How ever, when used by certain traditional techniques, has its limitations. 

You have described that you have filled one of our empty (rinsed) markers with some masking liquid (non Molotow™) and it didnt work. This is possible, since this is a special fluid and we can not guarantee its function in our empty marker system. 

As for the reaction with the tip, when applying on watercolor paper. This kind of paper, judging by the pictures is a soft porous paper. Of course the tip is harder then a brush, so its easyer to damage the paper, especially when its wet. The second aspect you need to consider is the flow of the masking liquid and the drying time. The ammount of liquid which can be applyed is limited, and the material you are using, since its porous surely needs a lot more, then for instance a coated paper. This means that when you apply it with a brush, you create a thicker layer, fill the pours insede ad therefore dont experience any problems. 

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us. 

So basically they are saying it is not suitable for this use. Which would be fine if any of their advertising had said as much. Others have had similar problems with the masking pen, so I'm sorry, I don't advise using them for the sort of stuff card makers do. 

As for the company that actually sold it to me, I have not heard back from them at all....not impressed!

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