Saturday, 20 February 2016

Photo polymer stamp making Details

OK, finally got around to making a real time video of the stamp making process!

This is the stuff I am using, I decant it because when the liquid is so viscous, it makes more sense to be able to store it upside down...this way I can use every last drop.

Polymer Details

Super Clear   is the one I have. Different polymers will have different curing times.

12 Stevern Way
+44 1733 34 9937  is the address on the original bottle.

23015N. 15th Avenue, Suite 105, Phoenix AZ 85027, USA  is also listed.

The dam tape can be shaped according to the stamp. (This pic was taken  after the stamp was made) It shows the excess polymer over the black areas and the clean areas where it has been developed.

The timer I used for developing is an iPhone app, it needs to be accurate.

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