Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Rapid EGPoint mini Hot Glue Gun Review

Firstly let me say that I am not sponsored for this or anything else, it is just my honest review, to help when you are choosing a new Glue Gun.

Because I am a paper crafter, most of the times when I want a glue gun, I want a nice fine point, so that glue goes where I want it to go and nowhere else.

I've had several HGGs over the years but none, until this one have proved to be very satisfactory.
I have been using this one for a few months now and can happily say it is the best I have used for this type of stuff.

It takes 7mm glue sticks but unlike most, it has a lovely fine tip.  It is also possible to remove the cable and use it for a few minutes without it - which can be handy in tight spaces, or if your power socket is not handy.

I will qualify this by saying that the first one I had was faulty. It was one of those things I suppose, it just didn't appear to get hot enough to dispense the glue. However, when I rang customer service, they were very helpful and immediately replaced it for me. I had wondered if it would be a problem, since it had been a gift and I didn't know where it had been bought, but no, it was fine.

The replacement has been working perfectly, so I thought I would show you a good use for that fine tip!

Make embossing plates!

Background papers become easy.

A word of caution, you don't need a really heavy pressure to emboss with this, too heavy and you will tear the card!

Of course it does all the other usual things, like glueing cards together, attaching ribbons etc. In the previous post, I used it to raise cut out letters from the card because they were too fine to use foam tape.

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