Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Using stamps for pattern backgrounds

Sometimes, when I don't have a specific project in mind, I find myself turning to playing around with something simple. Like stamps. Floral stamps have many uses, one of which is being used to make background patterned papers.

Like this one.

But it doesn't have to stop there. Think about adding another stamp layer, not necessarily lined up, and then heat emboss with a metallic powder.

I cut this piece into smaller sections to make several cards. All similar but slightly different.

Even though the paper design is pretty much the same (two embossed), they are made different by the  choice of matting and type of sentiment. Sometimes simple is good. Matting is generally scraps of card left over from other things but it can be card, ribbon or paper.

A quick tip for tying bows - adhere the ribbon to the back of the card and then use tiny pieces of double sided tape to temporarily stick the card to the table. Tie the bow . It is easy enough to pry the card loose again. 

To get the' Sending Hugs' and 'Hello' were cut from pearlised card with my Silver Bullet. I never get bored of watching that machine cut text!   To make them stand proud, I applied hot glue to the backs and allowed it to dry, then stuck them on to the cards. (Don't have glue dots here!)  You could also use small gems, maybe ones that are in colours you don't use often!

The 'just a note' was cut out in vinyl on acetate, I used a transparent double sided gel tape to adhere it.

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