Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Various Cards I made Today!

I was in the mood to play around today. Mainly playing with colour. Colour can change everything about a card, combinations can make or break a design.

The very simplest of cards.

This is card making at it's most simplistic. Sentiment and images stamped on a folded white card base. The presents are stamped with Versamark and shimmery eye shadows brushed on. (It can work really well if the colours are suitable!)

Starting with a pink card to mount, I drew a pattern of lines and dots with a silver pen. The sentiment was stamped in a darker version of the pink and then again with Versamark. I used clear embossing powder to make it stand out. The piece was then mounted on foam and applied to the white card base.

Now it starts to get a bit more interesting. Watercolour is dropped onto a slick flat surface and the card is swished into it randomly. More colours are added, one at a time until the desired pattern is achieved. The paint is allowed to dry and water drops splashed onto it and mopped up, taking colour out in places. Sentiment is added and embossed, and a few stones and stars stuck on. The whole thing is foam mounted on white base.

With this one, two washes of colour were applied with a round brush. It was allowed to dry more on one part than the other, splashed with water and mopped again. The pink part is softer in effect because the water was dripped onto a wet paint. Sentiment stamped and embossed and trim applied before mounting on foam.  NB. This was done with Kroma Kolor  airbrush food colouring! (just because I can!)

The rose was stamped with Versamark and then I brushed on Pearl Ex. I then used a water brush and pale blue watercolour to fill in the background. The outer edge was rimmed with alcohol marker in the same colour. Sentiment stamped and a few gems applied.

See what a difference colour makes!  the same rose, stamped on pink card this time, before applying the Pearl Ex. The white card had lines and dots applied in silver pen, and the sentiment was stamped and embossed. It shimmers nicely but you can't see that in the photo! I picked out the lines in sliver pen and fussy cut the rose before foam mounting it.

The main colour here was applied with two different brushes, one in wide  sweeps, the other in narrower lines. 

More of a graduated wash with this one, again the pattern is drawn in silver pen. Framing with a darker marker makes a big difference.

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