Sunday, 19 June 2016

Mini compressor and airbrush kit for Craft, Makeup or Cake decorating

Those who read my blog or watch my videos may be aware that I like airbrushing. Sometimes I use it to paint pictures, sometimes I want to airbrush cakes and sometimes I want to add colour to cards etc.

Now I have a serious Iwata airbrush and a small but not desktop compressor that work really well. However, it is a bit much to transport or to take to the kitchen and I fancied a smaller set up for that.

I bought a kit, just a mini compressor and single action airbrush from Amazon, for around €35, so thought I'd let you know what I think of it.

Firstly, the compressor. It's tiny, light, very quiet and pumps out at up to 25 PSI, with 3 different settings. The settings show up in different colour lights on the single button. It comes with a plastic push on hose. It is designed to be used with very thin liquids, like airbrush make up, food colouring etc.

In comparison, my larger compressor, although about the size of a shoe box, is not really desk top size and is probably a couple of kg. It has a tougher, screw on hose and can pump out up to about 45 PSI. It can be used with thicker acrylic airbrush paints etc as well as the thin stuff.

The airbrush that comes with the kit is single action, which does limit your paint control- my double action Iwata gives precise control - as it should, since it costs about 10 times the price of a cheap one. (You can get cheap double action airbrushes for around £10-20 - you don't have to go really pricey, although they are not so easy to find on mini compressor kits, without paying more than you would if bought separately.)

The kit, used as is, should be fine for airbrush makeup, or for cake decorating, or for doing basic card backgrounds, ombre effects and stencilling - but it can be improved by using a slightly better airbrush than it comes with. Regards make up, I think it would be fine for foundation and blush, eye make up may be a tad trickier to apply but can probably be done with practice. (If there is a manufacturer who'd like to send me some samples, I'd be happy to test them, they didn't have airbrush makeup when I did my beauty therapy courses!)

So, my verdict is that it does what it claims to do, is good value and as long as you don't expect miracles, you should be happy!

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