Sunday, 26 June 2016

Non airbrush makeup in airbrush!

Now, before you get any ideas that I am now doing makeup tutorials, just don't. I mentioned in my last post that I had got a mini compressor and airbrush kit, what I  don't have, is any airbrush makeup to use with it. The kit came from Amazon at around €35 in total.

Has it stopped me? No!

I used some WATER BASED liquid foundation, putting it in a tiny bottle, added a couple of drops of glycerine, a couple of stainless steel ballbearings and topped up with water.  If you use a silicone based foundation you will have to use a specialist foundation thinner, this one won't work. If you really want to, you could add a couple of drops of alcohol to make it dry faster but I didn't.

The foundation was from DOMTI and made in Italy, so although only €2, I am fairly sure it is safe, conforming to EU regs. The glycerine I  used was from the chemist at around €5 for 500ml it will last a VERY long time, even with me using it for crafts!

So this has to be about the cheapest airbrush makeup on the planet.

Coverage -see this video.  It isn't a tutorial and I am not doing a full makeup in it.

 I don't want the heavy made up look. I'm too old for it, not that I ever went heavy anyway, but there is nothing worse than makeup settling into all the laughter lines and crows feet. I am well into my 50's, have very sensitive skin and I have found that this allows me to even out my skin tone without looking made up. However, if you are younger, there is nothing to stop you layering this on to your taste.

A note to any manufacturers out there -

I, like many, are not going to buy makeup on line, especially from the States without having been able to sample it. It would be really great if someone could put a line into the high streets, to go alongside the normal stuff, or even have demonstrators in some UK/European stores on a regular basis, using airbrushes.
Do I really want to have to make up my own recipe? No! But if I can't buy it off the shelf, I am left with no alternative.
Many of the airbrush makeup brands are professional only or more for body art and I have not found any side by side comparisons that are unbiased.

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