Thursday, 21 July 2016

New overhead camera rig!

My husband has just got around to fixing me up with an overhead camera rig! I've wanted one for ages, so that I could more easily make crafting videos - hard to do without one.

It was quick and easy, a few plumbing pipes and joins and a screw fitting, all done in 10 minutes and it can be dismantled when I need the space!

So, incase you have not visited it recently, my youtube channel now has a few new videos of recent projects.

I plan to do many more, at the moment there is not much different in the software side, so screen recordings are not so necessary, although I have done one on Procreate recently, after they updated the app.

If you like the channel please give a thumbs up and subscribe, I'm still a small fish in a big pond and I am not sponsored by anyone, I do it for the love of crafting.


Thursday, 7 July 2016

Procreate App Update

So exciting!

Procreate  has launched an updated version with LOTS of improvements!

This is one of two iPad apps that I use for my freehand artwork, this is a painting/drawing app that is not only amazing value for money (NO SPONSORSHIP HERE!) but really good at what it does.

See my video here.

While the interface is clean and friendly, this is a full function art app. Whether you are looking for an app for a child to use or for yourself; for hobby or professional use, Procreate will do so much that far more expensive and complicated desktop software does.

Improvements this time round include a smoothing action for brushes and a range of screen shortcuts that will speed up work/play flow.

In my case, I use it on an iPad Pro 9 inch version, with an Apple Pencil and I absolutely love it. As a more traditional artist normally, I love how the app translates into a digital medium, all the things I normally use on paper.

Brushes in this app are extremely powerful tools. Use the presets and alter them in hundreds of ways, or very easily create your own. Like spray brushes that spray pictures/ clipart? No problem. Lock and load and shower your canvas! Like Calligraphy? Use the new smoothing action on brushes or pens for a hyper dreamy stroke that flows like warm honey.

Cut, copy and paste in either freehand mode or a special auto select mode; apply transformations at the slide of your pen or finger. Change the opacity or size of your strokes quickly and easily.

Use the advanced menu to set shortcuts for desired actions and choose the method of selecting them.

In short, this app is BRILLIANT. 

Available from the App Store.