Saturday, 26 August 2017

My Easy Matting System!

Hi there!

I don't normally blog on here these days, Createinspain is now a dedicated  youTube channel...but -

I recently demo'd my very own matting system for card making and that may be why you ended up here.

This came about as a solution to the difficulty I always have in getting my matting straight. Ask me to line up a piece of art on a wall, no problem but card matting drives me crazy! The number of cards I've ruined and binned....

So, I put my brain into gear and designed a system for lining up the mats to make it as easy as possible. As it happens, the first one I made was in UK A5 size. Not sure why, it just was. It worked so well, I just had to share but when I did, it was obvious that American A2 and UK A6 sizes were in demand.  I've recently designed a 12cm square version to add to the collection, it just makes things so much easier!

So, if you'd like one of these, please use the contact form (scroll down here and look right) and get in touch, I'll see what I can do.

Happy crafting,